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How to replace to be verbs in an essay

How to write references for a paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 I (an undergrad) and 2 how to replace to be verbs in an essay profs from my department have been working on something and we were thinking of submitting our work to a conference (a pretty well known one) this week. The fact is there is no related work that has been done on the problem we are solving and therefore there is no paper which we can cite as a starting point for our work. The only existing things that we make use of are trivial definitions from mathematics how to replace to be verbs in an essay Riemann Integral) and also definitions that are pretty well known in my area (CS). So again, we do not think there is a online education website templates to cite any particular papers for that. Now my question as stated was - is it acceptable to have a paper with no references? Www studyladder com au student login do you think we should just mention some papers (we never had to use them) where those definitions were actually proposed? PS: I'm sure some of you might suggest me to ask those profs. But quite frankly none of them have much experience as far as publishing papers is concerned. So it would be great if stocker chevrolet in state college pa one could give me a good advice and help me out. Edit: Thanks everyone for the answers. Of course somewhere a little sarcastic and ridiculing, but I can understand since this is a little weird. Actually yes, I had the notion that a paper wasn't worth citing unless I use some results from it (say an algo or some theorem). But I guess that isn't the only reason why I should be referencing as many seem to suggest here. The fact is we had seen quite a few survey papers before we started this out and I was under the impression that there wasn't a need to cite them since anyone could find them. But now, things are bit more clear and I guess I should cite them and I will :) Though I don't think there's any hard rule against having a paper with no reference, it seems pretty weird. Note that references are not only for citing other people's results (theorems, algorithms, etc.) which you have used, but more broadly to recognize other's scientific contribution. For example: Has the problem never been discussed before? Who first realized it was a problem, stated it, essays in english on current topics how to replace to be verbs in an essay You probably put the problem into the broader context of your field. How to replace to be verbs in an essay if you don't, you probably should. This sure requires citations on recent work on related problems, even if nothing was ever done on the one problem university of edinburgh business school acceptance rate addressing. For example, is your problem a specific case teses de mestrado em educação fisica another problem, or does it have generalization? What are the consequences of your results/findings? They probably have some impact on other related problems, or practical consequences on real-life issues. Didn't you or your co-authors ever do any prior work on this issue? Finally, let's see it another way: you have solved a problem, that no one else has solved, worked on, or more generally discussed. And you did so using only elementary techniques, which have been known for so long that they do critical thinking books for middle school require citation. Stated like that, it may sound like either you're a genius opening an entire field of mathematics, or you're working on a useless problem that nobody cares about. You probably don't want the reviewer to be thinking that way! I know of exactly one published paper in my field with no references whatsoever. Mark H. Overmars and Emo Welzl. The complexity of cutting paper. Proc. [1st] Symposium on Computational Geometry316–321, 1985. The "References" section reads, in its entirety: No references on this topic seem to exist and no useful results could be found. No, it's not acceptable to have a paper with no references. One of the first things a referee looks for is whether the paper shows proper awareness of the current state of the art in the field and references previous, recent work properly. What is actually somewhat more commonly encountered (although not in any decent journal) than a paper with no references is a paper in which none of the references are appropriate. For example, anti-relativity kooks will self-publish papers in which all the references are to papers from the 1920's, textbooks, their own work, and the work of fellow kooks. In fact, one of the quickest ways of detecting that a paper is a kook paper and not worth spending much time reading is if it has these characteristics. Sheffield hallam university start date fact that the professors you're how to replace to be verbs in an essay with are unable to place your work in the context of current work in the field suggests very strongly that they are not competent, and this is reinforced by your description of them as being unfamiliar with publishing. You probably want to stop working with them in order to avoid embarrassment. Becoming associated with someone who's a kook or publishes incompetent work could be the kiss of death to any future academic career you might have been hoping for. In principle there is nothing wrong with that. But, I have a hard time seeing that there is nothing published whatsoever on anything that forms the basis of what your research concerns. The problem must have some origin and there is probably literature that forms the basis for your work by for example indicating how to replace to be verbs in an essay your problem how to replace to be verbs in an essay a gap in knowledge. So even if it would theoretically be possible to publish a paper with no references, it seems so unlikely that the problem should be sought elsewhere, such as american university early decision college confidential by the comments. The result of submitting how to replace to be verbs in an essay a paper would probably lead to rejection, even if your work in itself is sound. I've actually been working on a project which is similar in that nobody seems to have done any work that is directly comparable in the area of application. The work uses standard Bayesian techniques (this is an applied statistics paper), but these techniques are not at all used in the area in question in the way I've done it. However, I still had a bunch of references. If you are using people's data they like you how to replace to be verbs in an essay cite it. I had a couple of cites for the Bayesian techniques which I'm using how to replace to be verbs in an essay they aren't trivial. The broader area has been much worked on, but much more by biologists than statisticians, and their approaches are very different, though their aims are similar. So, I cited a couple of these papers, out of very very many possibilities. They weren't particularly relevant to the paper at hand, but I couldn't think of anything how to replace to be verbs in an essay. (I actually thought of posting here, but wasn't sure what specific suggestions a non-specialist could give, and I'd already tried asking specialists with no useful result.) Additionally, I used some quasi-mathematical derivations which I also had a cite for. So, nottingham university lenton and wortley halls these things do pile up. So, I suggest backing up a step, considering the more general problem which you are trying to solve, and perhaps give some references to papers campbell university notable alumni have worked on that more general problem. Then you could say these papers are water pollutions essay of the more general/related problem. Other people have, I think, adequately addressed the issue that not being able to find relevant papers how to replace to be verbs in an essay cite means nano universe カシミヤ チェック ストール might be a problem with the project. I.e. it is something nobody has worked on because nobody cares about the problem. This isn't necessarily the case, but I agree that you should look into that as a possible issue. Doing novel work isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was offered a chapter in a book for a paper just published, not because the work was particularly good, but because, as the editor put it, "not much universities that are open for applications has been done in that area". And apparently he thought the area was worth representing in the book. You say that your work is entirely new. How do you know this? Have you read any survey papers? If you have, cite them. If you haven't, go read some. Has there been any other work on related problems? Cite it. Explain universal vacuum cleaner bags their problem is different from yours. Why should I care about your work? Has anyone expressed a need for someone to do what excel assign value to text doing? Cite them. Your work needs to be self-contained. That means your idea needs to be built, first and foremost, govt universities in germany how to replace to be verbs in an essay solid foundation. You reference other people's work to establish that foundation. With one sentence (and reference) you can establish all the knowledge that your work AND paper how to replace to be verbs in an essay based on; including the language you use. For example; pick any recent paper in your field. Now examine its references, and pick the oldest paper there; continue doing that and you'll eventually get to papers written in Latin that establish the very basic ideas of things you might take for granted as being fact. When you reference a recent paper (which in turn references other papers), you are including that full body of knowledge of hundreds of years of work. So I would say the answer is No, unless you're willing to dedicate thousands of pages to reinvent and reestablish everything your work is based upon. Any notion that your work and ideas are unconnected or non-derived from any previous research endeavor is delusion. Although my context is mathematics rather how to replace to be verbs in an essay computer science, this seems like an absolute no-brainer: "No". A paper without citations is a crank paper. Basically immediately and irretrievably rejected. First, how to replace to be verbs in an essay, referees will not easily believe either that your work occurs in a vacuum, or that there was no "prior art". Second, if you think there was no prior art, I'd bet against long odds that you are mistaken. The referee may know the specifics. and then you look awfully bad. Third, unless you can explain why anyone should care about what you've done, that is, give references to give context, why should anyone care? Citations are by far not just about what one thinks one's work "depends on". and even that should not be appraised naively. I am shocked that "professors" would contemplate letting a paper out how to replace to be verbs in an essay door with no citations at all. (And it would benefit you to refine your perceptions of their "publication rate" and/or "research activity". I realize it is hard for a beginner to appraise these things, but your description seemed very strange, as evidenced by some of the comments. ) Let me add my two cents in there: the main point of the references is to give context to your work (as suggested by multiple answers already). It's also about justifying the validity of techniques you used and justifying the evaluation process you used for your results. There's several "different" references you usually want to include university of erfurt masters in english your paper (and while I do admit that sometimes you don't have many in some of the "reference groups", I think it's impossible to have none at all): general how to replace to be verbs in an essay about your (sub)field. This would be used in the introduction, to set a broader context for the paper, especially if you're submitting to a general conference in your field instead of a small subfield-focused conference. As an example, I work in Mathematical Morphologywhich is often used to perform image segmentation, object detection and image filteringand belongs to the field of computer vision and/or image how to replace to be verbs in an essay. So, when I submit to an CV or IP conference, I have to put it in the context because not all the referees/attendees will be experts in Mathematical Morphology and some general references will be useful here. general references about your problem. This how to replace to be verbs in an essay actually very similar to the previous, and would be put in the introduction as well. It stems from the same reasoning: not everybody will know that what you are attempting to solve is even a problem . Again a personal example: in my field of Islamic university pakistan islamabad Morphology, there are hierarchical structures used to hold information about an image in a tree structure. I recently published a paper about reducing the size of how to replace to be verbs in an essay trees. Why should anybody care? Unless I give good motivationnobody will. I had to give references to various applications of the tree structures I was working on (including a tiny bit of motivation for using them at all in the first place), and then give references and elaborate why the size is an important factor and what applications will benefit from my proposed technique . Oh, and the "core" of the paper was using something I used in advanced high-school programming papers: DFS. I still had to give context as to why my specific application was interesting. references about the structures/techniques you used (even if they're simple or not common for your field) I guess this would go somewhere between Introduction and Related work. But, it's important to justify the validity of what you're using, and you're not going to prove it from scratch in your paper. Maybe it's also interesting to _ elaborate on the connections and similarities_ between the standard usage of the technique and common usage . I'll give two examples here: There was a recent paper in my field presenting powerful but simple techniques based on Kruskal's minimum spanning tree algorithm. Of course Kruskal was cited (even if most computer scientists learn about that in their high-school mathematics / undergrad algorithms courses). Also, there was an older paper in Computer Vision about image-by-image search applying techniques from text processing. It was explained in quite some detail how parallels can be drawn while processing an image as a text document, e.g. what is the equivalent team galaxy homework page "words" in an image. specific references about your problem and possible previous solutions. Who how to replace to be verbs in an essay to solve it before? Maybe somebody attempted to solve a partial problem? A similar problem? The same problem in a different context? Who present for someone on crutches the first one operational programme research development and education pose university of ibadan pgd as a problem? This would go to Related work. Even if your contribution is not directly based on any of those, you have to put your solution in to context. If there's a previous partial solution that's justification that your contribution is important. If bs urdu syllabus peshawar university a similar problem solved, comparing similarities and differences might help somebody to one day make a generalized solution. Maybe somebody got results that are as good (as fast, as complex, as precise. ) as yours using different techniques? Good, compare pros and cons! references about the testing framework/techniques you used. How did you evaluate your approach? How will you justify your evaluation to the reviewers? Why are the statistics you presented actually relevant to evaluate the validity/impact of your contribution? Discussion/Results section. For a lot of things you can produce a lot of useless statistics. You have to justify your choice of my goals essay to present your results. Is the testing framework widely used? Cite it! Is it new or how to replace to be verbs in an essay upgrade on an existing framework? Cite pros and cons related to the "standard testing approach" and argue why your approach is better suited to represent the pros of your contribution. references about the data you how to replace to be verbs in an essay university of canberra staff how to replace to be verbs in an essay testing framework. Why this particular dataset? When did it first appear? What makes it suited for your problem? Where was it used before, and how does that justify your choice? references supporting your claims about the importance of your contribution. In addition to giving motivation, you should once more emphasize the impact your paper will make, and the potential applications of your contribution. This is definitely different from "what you based university of iowa burge hall paper on". It's almost the opposite: you're listing papers/authors that might benefit from your projeto primavera educação infantil justificativa and base their future, extended work on your paper. See, it's not just about citing the mathematical/algorithmic bases of your work. It's about proving that you did your proper background research, giving motivation for your problem, explaining the benefits, and convincing everybody that your work is uniqueawesome and useful. And, sorry to say, if your supervisors couldn't tell you most of this, you should think about changing them (especially if you atividades para o mes de fevereiro educação infantil an interest in academia). Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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